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WHT achieve Norsok M-650 approval for compression fittings

W.H.Tildesley Ltd has received new NORSOK approval for its forged compression fittings by Aker Solutions

QTRs were signed off by Aker Solutions. The M650 Edition 4 QTRs run Tildesley’s qualification until mid-2020. Materials covered are super duplex stainless steels F51 (UNS S31803), F55 (UNS S32760) and austenitic stainless steel F44 or “6Mo” (UNS S31254).

W.H.Tildesley is already included on Statoil’s in-house M-650 supplier list for M-650 Ed.4 QTRs.

We have been forging a variety of compression fittings for many years in a range of materials including carbon steels, stainless steels, nickel alloys and copper nickels. Forged elbows, forged tee pieces, forged cross pieces. Most of our forged fittings are produced as blank forgings for our Customer to finish machine.

norsok approved compression fittings M-650

In addition to compression fittings, the NORSOK QTRs cover a range of forged parts including Flanges, Nozzles and Valve Bodies.

W.H.Tildesley has been forging components under NORSOK qualifications since 2008.

During their visit to our UK Forging site Aker Solutions were very complimentary about W H Tildesley’s manufacturing forging facility and business systems.

W.H.Tildesley uses a closed die drop forged process to produce forgings at its site in Willenhall, West Midlands.

Parts can be supplied as-forged, proof machined or finish machined from a few grams up to 75kg finished forged weight.

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