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Leading drop forged flange manufacturer in the UK

UK Forging manufacturer W.H.Tildesley forges another 100QTY batch of  flanges in stainless steel.

WHT use their extensive closed die drop forging capabilities to manufacture forged flanges, also known as “top hat” forgings.

This latest batch of forgings are for one of our regular customers, a large multinational valve manufacturer serving the oil and gas sector.

flanges drop forged in the uk british

We have the capability to forge a range of flanges in different sizes and grades of steel from standard LF2 and 316L through to duplex and super duplex grades of stainless steel. We also forge in more exotic materials such as cupronickels.

Our forged flanges range up to 75Kg in weight.

We hold several NORSOK approvals for customers that need forgings produced under that accreditation.

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