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Forged components in 7075 aluminium for compressor application

Drop forging specialist W H Tildesley produces another batch of forged aluminium fittings. These forgings are for a compressor application. We specialise in forging aluminium components. W H Tildesley uses a 16CWT drop hammer to forge this particular part, which is forged in 7075 aluminium before being heat treated to T6 condition.

foot component in forged aluminum

Aluminium exhibits some very particular properties during the forging process. These need to be clearly understood in order to forge aluminium components successfully. Many years’ experience and the right technical know-how mean that W H Tildesley are able to tackle most aluminium forging projects.

UK forgings - all our drop forged components are produced at our manufacturing site in the West Midlands with the utmost attention to product quality.

Forged only parts or finish machined on-site, if required.

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