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Production of forged jaws increased to meet demand

Another shipment of forged lifting gear components from W H Tildesley’s modern drop forging facility in Willenhall, West Midlands.

We produce a wide range of forged and machined components. These forged “jaws” are one of the many components forged for the lifting gear industry. We forge a 3 tonne, 1 tonne and ½ tonne version.

They are forged in case hardening steel and supplied in the as-forged condition. The forgings go on to be machined and gear cut before being assembled into the end product.

drop forged lifting jaws

We supply about 15,000 of these forged parts annually. All of our forged and machined parts are manufactured in the UK at our Willenhall site. We don’t use any “low cost” countries for outsourcing.

Our other lifting gear forgings include, eye bolts, eye nuts, lifting hooks, sockets, turnbuckles and connecting links. In addition to standard forged parts we produce bespoke lifting gear forgings, made to Customers’ particular specifications.

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