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W.H.Tildesley joins the FAST STEP 3 and FAST FORGE initiative

W.H.Tildesley is proud to announce their collaboration with the University of Sheffield and involvement with trials and development of the FAST STEP 3 and FAST FORGE initiative.


FAST STEP 3 is a collaborative research project to use titanium in automotive engines with the ultimate aim of lowering vehicle emissions.

The FAST STEP 3 consortium led by Bentley Motors and pulled together by the Northern Automotive Alliance (NAA) has been successful in obtaining government funding through Innovate UK. Other consortium members are the University of Sheffield, Force Technology, Transition International & W.H. Tildesley Ltd.


The FAST Forge process is a novel cost-effective processing route for consolidating titanium alloy powers into near net shape components. The term FAST Forge refers to Field Assisted Sintering Technology (FAST) or spark plasma sintering (SPS) with a post-sinter forging process. This technology consolidates titanium power, including machined swarf, into a bulk material and achieves this in two solid-state steps, as opposed to the conventional forty or so processing steps.

W.H. Tildesley will develop the mould designs and forging dies and tools to enable titanium near-net FAST components to be forged.

For more information regarding the project please visit the dedicated websites



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