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Special reaction foot forgings in 605M36 material

Drop forged components produced from 605M36 (EN16). These are forged on our 36CWT power hammer. After forging they are hardened & tempered. These Reaction Foot forgings are one of our regular running jobs for one of our best long term Customers.

In some cases, 605M36 can be problematic to heat treat to maintain the correct properties in the finished forging. Our forging know-how and metallurgical knowledge and experience enable us to get this job right every time.

reaction foot forgings in 605M36 material

Not all our forgings are scheduled jobs. There’s never any problem for us to forge one off forgings or very small quantity forged and machined parts. Our efficient die set up process means that we can run numerous forged parts through the same forging hammer during a single shift.

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