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Forged eye bolts in EN16 (605M36) material for aerospace sector

This latest batch of eye bolt shafts are forged in EN16 (605M36) material before being normalised and shotblast. The forged blanks are then machined and threaded, finished with chemical black before being assembled with one nut and shipped to the customer. The forging is machined on one of our 3 axis CNC machine centres and CNC lathes.

These 50mm forged eye shafts are designed for material handling applications within the aviation/aerospace industry. W.H.Tildesley forge these 3.5Kg parts on its 36 CWT power hammer.

drop forged eye bolts in EN16 605M36 material

These components are forged in batches of between 200 to 1000 at a time. If the customer prefers, we can forge and machine parts in higher quantities to keep the forging cost per item low, then hold stock and ship according to the customer’s demand. This is just one of the ways in which we try to be fast and flexible to provide the best possible forging service to our customers.

W.H.Tildesley operate one of the most up to date drop forging facilities in the UK. All our product is forged on site in Willenhall, West Midlands.

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