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Forging Simulation

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Simulation software ensures we get it right the first time, every time.

We have a disciplined approach to forging and die design. Every job is simulated before dies are cut to ensure that material usage and process are optimised. This enables us to evaluate the overall process before any major cost is incurred.

Every new component we produce is generated in 3D form using the latest Solidworks and Creo packages. These models, combined with simulation software, enable the development of part geometry and test forging die / tooling design. This helps us to eliminate potential forging defects such as cracking or under-fill.

Software Solutions

W.H.Tildesley uses the latest in forging simulation software, Quantor Form and Transvalor. This is combined with the latest industry-standard CAD and CAM software. This includes 3 seats of CREO and Solidworks.

transvalor and qform forging simulation software

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    Die Manufacture

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    Component Design

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Use of industry leading forging simulation software

Ensuring the correct component is produced