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Extensive in-house machining capability for proof or finish machined forgings

Our in-house machining gives us the capability to offer proof or finished machined forgings to customer requirements.

We can carry out a full range of complex or simple machining operations on our forged components.

The benefits of our combined drop forging and machining services are appreciated by customers who want to obtain complete parts from one source, improving communication, quality, lead time, and overall cost.

Machining Capacity

  • 3 and 4 axis machining centers with up to 1000mmx500mmx500mm beds
  • CNC controlled chucking lathes up to 250mm Dia. and 1000mm length
  • Barfed lathes up to 65mm diameter

Sub Contract Machining Service

We are happy to work with new or existing customers to machine from forgings or from solid components to requirements. Please contact us today to discuss how W.H.Tildesley can assist with your requirements.

  • Drop Forging

    Drop Forging

    Drop forged components from 25 Grams up to 75kg net weight We are the closed die drop forging experts and one of the leading drop-forged component producer...

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  • Die Manufacture

    Die Manufacture

    Our forging dies and tooling are produced in-house, guaranteeing quality and improved lead times Our fully integrated CAD/CAM package links product and die...

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  • Component Design

    Component Design

    We provide full engineering support at the product design stage of the forging process Our skilled team of engineers and experienced technicians are here to ass...

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Rapid in-house design and machining of forging tooling

Enabling swift turnaround for new projects