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Open Die Forging

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Open die forgings are produced by our skilled operators, ensuring the dimensional and consistent accuracy of the product from start to finish.

The open die forging process involves heating up the metal and working the metal between a top ram and die and bottom anvil and die, through repeated blows. The operator manipulates the metal using his skill and expertise to produce the desired form.

Often the tools are just flat tools, but also can have profiles and other shapes, being open on either or both ends (Semi-open die). Shapes can be forged into the end or in the length of stock by first upsetting the material, as well as bespoke forgings being made from a single billet.

open die forging shapes and usages forged

Examples of Open Die Forged Shapes & Usages

  • Square Bars
  • Rectangular Bars
  • Round Bars
  • Discs
  • Blocks
  • Step Down Spindles
  • Top Hat Forgings
  • Punched Boss
  • Boss Forgings
  • Double Boss Forgings
  • Rings
  • Cylinders
  • Spindles

Open die forged shapes and usages

Up to 100KG weight